Why choose us?

  • Your pet’s well-being is the most important thing!!! When you purchase items from an unknown source, you don’t know what’s on the fabric. It’s easy for harmful bacteria and previous products to get into your pets’ fur, skin, digestive systems (They chew, after all!) and onto other family members. All our costumes are safely disinfected before we send them to you. This also means our costumes will not stain your pet.

  • Sizing: we measure every costume so you get accurate information. We try all products on real pets, to ensure you can able to get it on and off without causing discomfort to them. We have many photos of pets in our outfits on our website. Please send us your photos, too!

  • Recycling: we care about the environment and want to be as green as possible. By choosing to rent, you will help reduce the amount of fabric going into landfills. We also re-use packaging and kindly ask you to do the same. We don’t mind if it looks slightly tired, as long as it does the job.

  • Local: we are always adding new, locally produced costumes and are always on the lookout for nearby talent, so you can support your local business.

Funny Pitbull Portrait


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